Brb, Omw to Mars!

Lets first set the scene: I along with 14 other people all walk side-by-side with the sun shining from behind us. We walk to the ship that will take us to our unknown future. We all have our helmets tucked under our arms, not having to worry about carrying anything into the pre-packed spaceship. We smile and wave at ongoing cameras and people. One-by-one, we step into the ship and go to our appropriate stations. I log into my system and  check to make sure I have everything.

Pictures? Check. Contact information? Check. Games? Check. Movies? Check. Millions of Books? Check.

Why millions of books? Well… I read when I need time to myself, when I’m bored, when I need a getaway, and more. It is pure enjoyment for me. And I’ll have so much time to myself on Mars as well. Also, why limit yourself to the little choices you find when you can just take everything? If I don’t end up liking a book, then I could just stop reading and move on. So simple.

So in the end, I’d bring every book imaginable onto the ship’s database. Obviously, if the ship can handle it, I don’t see any reason why not!

My First Concussion

My clumsiness is a curse in itself.  I have injured myself in crazy (or just plain stupid) situations and ways in the past that people are just never surprised when I explain how I hurt myself. I just don’t have any coordination, stability, or protection from myself.

It all started when I was with my roommate, and she decided to throw socks at me. It was funny, so I started recording and throwing her socks back. Before we continue… yes they were clean socks. I wouldn’t go near dirty socks that someone else wore. We probably played for about 5 minutes before we stopped. She picked up her socks, and since I was on my bed, I decided to lay my head back. Instead of lightly leaning back to lay against my pillows, I threw my body back as hard as I could. Needless to say… I missed the pillows.

With the momentum of 1000 bulls, I slammed my head into the wall. It hurt, but I was laughing it off. My roommate and suitemates were freaking out because I did hit my head hard, but it was alright. For the first 20 minutes at least. As soon as 20 minutes passed, I couldn’t speak straight sentences, I couldn’t see very well, I couldn’t walk, I was tired, and I was extremely dizzy. My roommate made me go to bed immediately, and that entire night I was rolling around not being able to sleep.

The next day I went to the doctor, and that’s when I was diagnosed with my first concussion. I couldn’t talk very well, I was stuttering a lot and couldn’t make complete sentences. I also couldn’t walk in a straight line, which was funny to hear about because I was always convincing people around me I was anything but sober. I had issues with my visuals and comprehension as well. I couldn’t read very well, everything was always a blur, and I couldn’t understand everything that was being spoken to me.

I’ve gotten way better since then, but I am still struggling with a lot since I got my concussion. Today will be my one week anniversary, practically a week on the hour since I hit my head. It’s funny to think I did something so stupid a week ago, but in the end, I think I gained a very important lesson.

Don’t fly back onto your pillows when a wall is so close to your head.

The Puppy Wilbur

I’m going to seem crazy saying this, but I honestly have not been able to stop talking about it for a week now. I probably won’t stop talking about this for awhile because I was absolutely heartbroken for days, even now I am still extremely unhappy though I’ve come to terms with the facts.

It all started at the Puppy Play Pen at ball circle on October 30th, 2018 at 12 pm. I only went to the event fundraiser for PAWS and CCI just to play with puppies. I saw there were tiny babies, and I ran to my dorm to get my roommate and suitemates. As soon as we saw the dogs, I knew I was going to be there the entirety of the fundraiser.

I played with almost all the puppies as soon as I got there. There were 4 mutts and 5 chihuahua mixes all from the SPCA and all ready to be adopted out. I first played with the mutts, and they were all big balls of cuteness and sleepiness all in one. Then, we started playing with the chihuahua mixes, and that’s when I met Wilbur.

He was a cream-colored ball of pure joy. We were all instructed to make a circle in the grass and let the puppies run in between us. I picked up Wilbur, set him down in the circle, and sat to close off the circle. Immediately, he turned around and ran right back into my lap. That was the start of a heavy fall.

For an hour, Wilbur refused to leave my lap, even falling asleep for a short period of time. He would whine and thrash if anyone picked him up unless it was me, and he even ran away to people to come right back to me. He wouldn’t whine, bite, or try to get away from me whenever I handled him. Every second I spent with him, I was falling more and more in love with him.

I called my mom and asked her if we could adopt him. I practically cried to her about it. She has never said yes before, not even a maybe, but this time she was highly considering it. I was bursting with excitement. I planned everything out that second. I would buy everything I needed that day, and my mom would pick us up that weekend to take Wilbur and I home. She would take care of him until I got my apartment in the next year.

I practically ran to Wilbur’s foster mom to ask her about the process of adopting him. That’s when I heard the worst news I could’ve heard at that moment.

“I’m sorry, but he’s not adoptable. Someone is already adopting him, and he even has a backup adopted if they fall through.”

I practically died on the spot. I felt my heart shatter, and it felt like my world was ending, exploding in a million different ways. Though I felt like I was dying, I told her it was okay. I was happy he was going to be adopted, though I was sad I wasn’t lucky enough to be his adopter.

I stayed for a  total 3 hours, half of it being with Wilbur alone. When it was time to go, I kissed him goodbye and left tear-filled and heartbroken. I literally cried for the next two days straight. I was super sad, and even now I still am, as silly as that is.

I know I met him just that day, but I felt like a true bond was formed that day. I live by the saying, “You don’t choose the dog, the dog chooses you,” and I truly felt that he picked me. I felt like it was truly meant to be, and I was devastated that I couldn’t take him home. I know it’s silly, but I truly imagined a whole future with him. I know it just wasn’t meant to be, and he’ll go to a good family, and eventually, I’ll move on and look back at this laughing. Either way, Wilbur was the best, and he’s definitely a pup I wouldn’t forget for a long time.

My Roommate

This post is about someone I care about greatly, my roommate Iliana. This is just a little appreciation post about how great it is having her as my roommate.

We both have known each other since we were freshman in high school, and quite honestly, I couldn’t be more glad that I met her then. We both were completely different people but somehow got along. English class was always something to look forward to because of how much fun we both had, plus our other friend in the class.

However, sophomore year, we completely lost touch with each other. We didn’t even really see each other in the hallway either. We kind of just stopped being friends, and in junior year, it was kind of the same thing except we said hi to each other and started talking to each other.

Senior year was where we clicked again. She was my teacher assistant for my psychology class, and we both became super close yet again. After a couple months, we started talking about universities we applied to, and that was when we realized we were going to the same university.

Shortly after that, she asked me to be her roommate, she was afraid of the random roommate process and wanted someone she was comfortable with. I agreed, without hesitation honestly, because I knew without a doubt we both would be really good roommates.

Now, I couldn’t be more happier. We both have the same ideals about how the room should be like, who does the chores, and more. She also brings a lot of happiness into my life. My bad days become good because of her, and she makes our room a place of comfort to the highest extent. I have never laughed so hard in my life. Everyday is something new, and the fact we have similar yet such different personalities makes our living situation better than it already is. I love her with all my heart, and I’m so glad she asked to be my roommate because she is my dream roommate. I couldn’t ask for anyone better.

Most Recent Read

In my personal time, I’ve been reading was What We Saw by Aaron Hartzler. For school, I’ve only been reading the many textbooks I have to complete for my classes. I haven’t been enjoying the readings, but I have been doing them so I could learn what I need to.

I find it so difficult to read most nonfiction books or textbooks. I get quickly distracted and find it super hard to read the book and actually process it. I can sit and reread the same page 100 times over and still find it hard to understand what I’m reading.

The reason I like reading my own personal books because it something I chose and am interested in. I can read a book I like in one sitting if I had the time. Though, I don’t take learning for granted. I’d rather learn and have to sit through the hours of reading/studying because in the long run, it will benefit me.

Banned Books Week

In honor of Banned Books week, I did my own research about banned books around the United States. To my surprise, there are a lot of books that I had to read in school that is ban from other states/counties. For instance, Catcher in the Rye was a book I had to read junior year that I really loved, but it was banned Oklahoma, Ohio, ect.

There was also The Great Gatsby, To Kill a Mockingbird, and Lord of the Flies which were all books that I had to read in my school and were banned all around the world. It’s so crazy to think about you can get in trouble for reading a book, and quite frankly, I find that slightly irritating and always have

Pliny’s Natural History

The book I selected from the Special Collections was Pliny’s Natural History. What really caught my attention with this book is how old it is. It was made in 1495… That’s just so crazy to think about! Also, it was one of the few books that was re-backed, and the pages are still in decent condition.

I was really intrigued while listening about the books. I loved looking at the old pages, seeing the marks, and more. Learning about the books as well was super interesting. I did look at it for a little bit, however not enough because I became busy and sick. The book really peaks my interest, and I plan on going back to the room that has the magic.

My Professer’s Favorite Book

After having a conversation with my General Psychology professor, Dr. David Rettinger, he told me his favorite book is The John McPhee Reader by John McPhee.

The book, according to my professor, has so much in it that he could never get bored. It’s a nonfiction book that also published with 11 other books. He said this is one of the only books that he knows he could read over and over again and would be the book he would bring to an island with him.

My Most Recent Read

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

To start off, I love reading. Specifically, fiction books. I have always used books as an escape from life, a momentary relief from my stress, or as a way to spend some free time. Whenever I read, I am engulfed in the story and tend to forget reality. I learned to love books since I was very young, around the age of 6, and ever since then, I have successfully read through almost every book I’ve bought.

One of the most recent books I’ve completed, very happily so, is Go Ask Alice by an anonymous writer. Go Ask Alice was also made into a movie, which I haven’t watched yet. This book is one of the few books that I have read that is nonfiction. This book is the diary of a girl who became addicted to drugs and her story. There are no chapters, there are no conversations, and it is something completely different from what I’ve read before.

To be quite honest, I first only picked the book because it was on a discount, but it did catch my eye the quickest. It was a slim book with an anonymous writer, and it gave me a weird feeling when I picked it up. Any book that gives me shivers or peaks my

The book cover for Go Ask Alice

curiosity is a book I want to buy, and Go Ask Alice gave me both feelings.

I’m very used to first person and stories that are completely complex in everyway shape and form. I think books with those characteristics are one of the best books, but some of the most simplest books I’ve read can easily be the best stories.

I loved pretty much everything about this book. It was as if she was speaking to me, though she was writing to her diary. Knowing this is also a real diary of a girl that started to have a serious problem, you start to feel for her more than you would with normal fiction characters. You also really get into her position and how she fell down this spiral. I felt that this book was really interesting and though the size of the book was small, I enjoyed every second of it. I would highly recommend this book as something to read in your free time.