Brb, Omw to Mars!

Lets first set the scene: I along with 14 other people all walk side-by-side with the sun shining from behind us. We walk to the ship that will take us to our unknown future. We all have our helmets tucked under our arms, not having to worry about carrying anything into the pre-packed spaceship. We smile and wave at ongoing cameras and people. One-by-one, we step into the ship and go to our appropriate stations. I log into my system and  check to make sure I have everything.

Pictures? Check. Contact information? Check. Games? Check. Movies? Check. Millions of Books? Check.

Why millions of books? Well… I read when I need time to myself, when I’m bored, when I need a getaway, and more. It is pure enjoyment for me. And I’ll have so much time to myself on Mars as well. Also, why limit yourself to the little choices you find when you can just take everything? If I don’t end up liking a book, then I could just stop reading and move on. So simple.

So in the end, I’d bring every book imaginable onto the ship’s database. Obviously, if the ship can handle it, I don’t see any reason why not!

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