My First Concussion

My clumsiness is a curse in itself.  I have injured myself in crazy (or just plain stupid) situations and ways in the past that people are just never surprised when I explain how I hurt myself. I just don’t have any coordination, stability, or protection from myself.

It all started when I was with my roommate, and she decided to throw socks at me. It was funny, so I started recording and throwing her socks back. Before we continue… yes they were clean socks. I wouldn’t go near dirty socks that someone else wore. We probably played for about 5 minutes before we stopped. She picked up her socks, and since I was on my bed, I decided to lay my head back. Instead of lightly leaning back to lay against my pillows, I threw my body back as hard as I could. Needless to say… I missed the pillows.

With the momentum of 1000 bulls, I slammed my head into the wall. It hurt, but I was laughing it off. My roommate and suitemates were freaking out because I did hit my head hard, but it was alright. For the first 20 minutes at least. As soon as 20 minutes passed, I couldn’t speak straight sentences, I couldn’t see very well, I couldn’t walk, I was tired, and I was extremely dizzy. My roommate made me go to bed immediately, and that entire night I was rolling around not being able to sleep.

The next day I went to the doctor, and that’s when I was diagnosed with my first concussion. I couldn’t talk very well, I was stuttering a lot and couldn’t make complete sentences. I also couldn’t walk in a straight line, which was funny to hear about because I was always convincing people around me I was anything but sober. I had issues with my visuals and comprehension as well. I couldn’t read very well, everything was always a blur, and I couldn’t understand everything that was being spoken to me.

I’ve gotten way better since then, but I am still struggling with a lot since I got my concussion. Today will be my one week anniversary, practically a week on the hour since I hit my head. It’s funny to think I did something so stupid a week ago, but in the end, I think I gained a very important lesson.

Don’t fly back onto your pillows when a wall is so close to your head.

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