The Puppy Wilbur

I’m going to seem crazy saying this, but I honestly have not been able to stop talking about it for a week now. I probably won’t stop talking about this for awhile because I was absolutely heartbroken for days, even now I am still extremely unhappy though I’ve come to terms with the facts.

It all started at the Puppy Play Pen at ball circle on October 30th, 2018 at 12 pm. I only went to the event fundraiser for PAWS and CCI just to play with puppies. I saw there were tiny babies, and I ran to my dorm to get my roommate and suitemates. As soon as we saw the dogs, I knew I was going to be there the entirety of the fundraiser.

I played with almost all the puppies as soon as I got there. There were 4 mutts and 5 chihuahua mixes all from the SPCA and all ready to be adopted out. I first played with the mutts, and they were all big balls of cuteness and sleepiness all in one. Then, we started playing with the chihuahua mixes, and that’s when I met Wilbur.

He was a cream-colored ball of pure joy. We were all instructed to make a circle in the grass and let the puppies run in between us. I picked up Wilbur, set him down in the circle, and sat to close off the circle. Immediately, he turned around and ran right back into my lap. That was the start of a heavy fall.

For an hour, Wilbur refused to leave my lap, even falling asleep for a short period of time. He would whine and thrash if anyone picked him up unless it was me, and he even ran away to people to come right back to me. He wouldn’t whine, bite, or try to get away from me whenever I handled him. Every second I spent with him, I was falling more and more in love with him.

I called my mom and asked her if we could adopt him. I practically cried to her about it. She has never said yes before, not even a maybe, but this time she was highly considering it. I was bursting with excitement. I planned everything out that second. I would buy everything I needed that day, and my mom would pick us up that weekend to take Wilbur and I home. She would take care of him until I got my apartment in the next year.

I practically ran to Wilbur’s foster mom to ask her about the process of adopting him. That’s when I heard the worst news I could’ve heard at that moment.

“I’m sorry, but he’s not adoptable. Someone is already adopting him, and he even has a backup adopted if they fall through.”

I practically died on the spot. I felt my heart shatter, and it felt like my world was ending, exploding in a million different ways. Though I felt like I was dying, I told her it was okay. I was happy he was going to be adopted, though I was sad I wasn’t lucky enough to be his adopter.

I stayed for a  total 3 hours, half of it being with Wilbur alone. When it was time to go, I kissed him goodbye and left tear-filled and heartbroken. I literally cried for the next two days straight. I was super sad, and even now I still am, as silly as that is.

I know I met him just that day, but I felt like a true bond was formed that day. I live by the saying, “You don’t choose the dog, the dog chooses you,” and I truly felt that he picked me. I felt like it was truly meant to be, and I was devastated that I couldn’t take him home. I know it’s silly, but I truly imagined a whole future with him. I know it just wasn’t meant to be, and he’ll go to a good family, and eventually, I’ll move on and look back at this laughing. Either way, Wilbur was the best, and he’s definitely a pup I wouldn’t forget for a long time.

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